Petting Zoo

We Like to Party San Diego, aka "The Williams Family", is extremely proud of our Mobile Petting Zoo. Our Petting Zoo is San Diego’s number one choice in exotic mobile petting zoos. Our petting allows a once in a lifetime opportunity that you may never get anywhere else! The petting zoo offers an up close, intimate, and unique experience with our exotic pets, including a blue and gold Macaw, an Indian ring-neck Parrot, an African pygmy Hedgehog, a mini Pig, GIANT rabbits, and a Sulcate Tortoise. Zach, the owner, supervises the animals and facilitates a fun and educational experience for your party guests.

Please NOTE: The petting zoo setup needs approximately 10 x10 of space and includes a small corral for the animals and a perch for the birds. Shade is a MANDATORY requirement for the zoo. Please make sure to have an umbrella, canopy, or shady tree available. Parents of young children MUST be with their child at all times in the corral to ensure the safety of the pets and children. Zach cannot supervise the children as well as the animals. As host/hostess of the party, we ask that you take responsibility to ensure that parents understand they are to be with their child when inside the corral with the animals.

We Like to Party SD is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any damage to your grass. No matter how cool and friendly our little guys are, they are still animals and sometimes like to treat themselves to your delicious yard. 

Our Blue and Gold Macaw.

Is hands down the star of the show.
Not only does he let people hold him.
He will fly at your party and blow all your guests away!

Our Indian Ring-Neck

loves to be held and often steals the show with his cuteness.
He is known to chirp sweetly when scratched at the back of his neck.

Our mini pig.

Loves a good belly rub or a scratch behind the ears.
True to his name, he also loves food, so hold on to your plate!

Our cute African Pygmy Hedgehog.

Offers kids and adults a rare opportunity to see and interact with an amazing, exotic animal.
Hannah loves warm cubby holes and hiding places.
She is known to curl up in a spikey ball when threatened or scared.

Our Flemish Giant Rabbit.

loves to lay around and be petted by kids of all ages.
The size of this rabbit will absolutely blow your mind!
Flemish Giants are the worlds largeset breed of rabbit.

Our African Sulcata Tortoise.

Is the 3rd largest tortoise species in the world.
African Sulcata tortoises can get up to 200 lbs and live 180 years.

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Give us a call or text and party with me and my party animals!
We will help make your party something spectacular that you will remember for years to come.