Want to be the envy of your neighborhood and all your friends? We have outdoor movie screen rentals for backyard movie nights that will take your next family movie night, fight night, football game, or video gaming experience to the NEXT LEVEL!
We have high quality HD Epson Projectors, Inflatable Movie Screens, and JBL Sound System. Our HD Projectors are simple and easy to use with a laptop, DVD player, gaming console, or your wireless cable TV. The screen has 12 feet, perfect for larger-than-life projections of your favorite movie, fight, or game!

The inflatable movie setup needs at least 15 x 6 feet of space.
Pair our Outdoor Movie Setup with one of our Concession Machines and you will have a party to remember!

Movie Night with 1 speaker


(Gas Fee May Apply)

Movie Night with 2 speakers


(Gas Fee May Apply)